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Thank you for visiting VIP Fan Experiences Florida Panthers travel package page! We are positive we will provide you with a discount Florida Panthers vacation package that will be affordable and memorable for all involved! Contact us today for a free quote on your custom Florida Panthers trip package! Shortly thereafter, one of our professional sports travel agents will be in contact with you to show you our unbeatable prices! In the meantime, the text below will provide you with an excellent primer on South Florida as a vacation destination! We know you will have a fabulous time booking an NHL travel package with VIP Fan Experiences!

Miami, Florida City Details

Few cities in the United States carry the intrigue and mystique of Miami. From South Beach to the Keys, South Florida is a dream destination for travelers of all ages. There are few better places than this world class destination to plan an NHL travel package. The newfound quality of the team is not hurting the attraction to planning a Panthers vacation package in South Florida either!

On Panthers gameday, the sports travel agents at VIP Fan Experiences will help make your Panthers pregame experience unforgettable. Indeed, we have local knowledge of the area around the arena, and can provide you with insight and reservations to some of the area’s best-known Panthers pre game parties during your Panther travel package. All of this will lead up to watching the Panthers game from fantastic seats secured by VIP Fan Experiences at a significant discount.