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A strong desire to acquire the latest technology has been a personality flaw since childhood. We always wanted the latest toy (typically a video game system) and would go to great lengths to acquire it at cost. In the late 1990’s this meant driving to a Kay-Bee Toy store 95 miles from the house to purchase a Nintendo 64 a day after the system launched. More recently we are guilty of arriving at an AT&T store at 5 a.m. on the day a phone came out and standing in line at Target at 5 a.m. in the hope of acquiring a Playstation 4. Some people do this for profit, we do it because we like to use the devices personally.

How does the aforementioned odd behavior relate to our business? Ticket search is the same “chase” as seeking out the hottest electronic device. Over the years we have developed a tried and true method for acquiring tickets as close to cost as reasonably possible. The only difference between securing an electronic device at cost and securing tickets to a hot event is the extremely limited number of tickets available to a given event requires us to pay over face value for the tickets, whereas the same level of diligence will allow one to acquire an electronic device at cost.

Because we do not expect most rational adults would to spend hours in line waiting for a new phone or video game system, it follows that the vast majority of people do not have hours to spend searching for tickets and hotat the best possible value. Indeed, many of VIP Fan Experiences’ clients have told us saving time is where a large portion of our value is gained.

Whether it sickness or compulsion, the members of VIP Fan Experiences enjoy the chase, and gain a level of satisfaction when we secure an excellent deal for our clients in the same fashion that we gain satisfaction from finding the hot new toy for our kids (or ourselves). We created this business to pass this value on to our clients, and we sincerely hope you will give us the chance to use our resources to your advantage. Otherwise, you always have the choice to feed the ticket brokerage monsters in the same way someone out there is paying $1400 on Ebay for that shiny new iPhone I ordered this morning for $399. Priorities!